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Croatia is a great destination for nature lovers, with stunning landscapes, steep mountains, ancient villages, and breathtaking views of the Dalmatian islands. Explore our locations of hiking and walking tours in Dalmatia, from majestic mountains and ancient villages to stunning views!

Croatia is a great destination for nature lovers. Hiking through Dalmatia is a wonderful way to experience the region’s stunning landscapes, from majestic mountains and ancient villages to breathtaking views of the Dalmatian islands.

Biokovo is a great place for experienced hikers who are used to hiking on rocky trails. No matter which trail you opt for, you’ll get the chance to see some amazing rocky scenery, including Staza, Ravana Vlaska, Strbina, Vosac, and Jure. The Dinara mountain range is a beautiful and challenging place to hike, located on the border between Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

You can try food made in this area by a native Croatian and hear some details about Dalmatian history from the friendly locals! Or why not try Blaca, a hidden monastery tucked away in the island Brač. Blaca was once home to 12000 old books, maps, files, notes and ethnographic exhibits, a press, a telescope, and a piano. Today it lies abandoned, but its picturesque location under a rock in a steep hidden gorge makes it worth visiting!

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Hiking & Walking Tours FAQ

Looking for answers to your questions about our tours and travel to Croatia? You’ve come to the right place! Check out our FAQ section for information on Hiking & Walking tours.

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We offer a variety of hiking and walking tours in Dalmatia, ranging from easy walks along the coast to challenging hikes in the mountains. Some of our tours focus on cultural and historical sites, while others highlight the natural beauty of the region.
No, you don’t need to be an experienced hiker to join our tours. We offer tours for all levels of fitness and experience, and our guides will adapt the pace and difficulty of the tour to suit the group.
We recommend that you bring comfortable walking shoes or hiking boots, as well as a backpack, a hat, sunscreen, and plenty of water. Depending on the tour, you may also need to bring rain gear or warm clothing.
The best time to go hiking in Dalmatia is from April to October, when the weather is mild and the days are long. However, some tours may be available year-round, depending on the weather and conditions.
Yes, we offer family-friendly tours that are suitable for children. Our guides will adapt the pace and difficulty of the tour to suit the children’s abilities, and we can also provide child-sized equipment such as hiking poles.
Yes, we offer private tours for individuals, couples, families, and groups. Private tours can be customized to your interests and fitness level, and can be scheduled at a time that is convenient for you.
We provide water on all of our tours, and some tours may include a picnic lunch or a visit to a local restaurant or tavern. If you have any dietary restrictions or preferences, please let us know when you book your tour.
You can book a tour on our website, dalmatiaoutdoors.com, or by contacting us directly by phone or email. We recommend booking in advance to ensure availability, especially during peak season.